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I figured there had to be a way to make Visio to always open files in separate windows, so you can see the visio drawings seperately (eg: dual monitors). The below "method B" worked for me for Visio 2010. Visio has a Multiple Document Interface so open files all go into the same 2010-07-06 · Visio highlights the shapes that you selected with little green handles. Right-click and then select Shape, Group. The shapes and lines you selected are now grouped.

Visio diagram spanning multiple pages

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In Microsoft Visio 2010 or Visio 2013, when you click Fit to Drawing in the Size group on the Design tab, the page resizes. But a small margin remains between the edge of the page and the drawing. Cause. This issue occurs because of a design change in Visio. If your using a newer version of Visio (2003+) you should use the Reverse engineer tool for databases to start your diagram. It will suck all the db tables and relationships into shapes that you can then modify.

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From the print preview screen, you can change some of the settings, and you can click on Page Setup to … Activities Spanning Swimlanes. Select the shape you would like to span across multiple swimlanes and hold down the Ctrl key.

Visio diagram spanning multiple pages

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Visio diagram spanning multiple pages

Visio expands the titles and backgrounds to fit the entire drawing page surface, but sometimes there are problems like the one shown in Figure 2. Figure 2. The tiled drawing modified to span two horizontal pages but only one vertical page. pages. But , some features only appear in Print Preview and not on the drawing page in Visio. Print Preview shows you exactly how your file will print. For instance, if the printer paper orientation is different to that of the actual drawing page, you will be able to see this in Print Preview.

Visio diagram spanning multiple pages

If it is for simplification, (and depending on the version), you can create a subprocess. This is just a matter of selecting the shapes you want on the page and the process will create a new page and replace the selected shapes with a new shape hyperlinked to the new page.
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Visio diagram spanning multiple pages

One of the most basic facts that are overlooked is scaling. Too often a detailed flowchart is re-sized to fit just one page. This is never a good thing. It is better to have a flowchart span multiple pages than to be crammed into a small space, where all the details are unreadable.

The Visio diagrams in this example represent a multi-functional process for a customer to either request assistance with a problem or order a part. 2000-12-05 Re: Diagram spanning multiple pages?
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Tabs indicating all the documents open in the WorkSpace. You can Text Box. Text may be added to the drawing, with full control over font, size, and color.

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Last updated: March 2016 bpfwd032.htm Have you ever had issue while copying the diagrams from one scale to a different scale in Visio. I had many situations where I created the floor plans with lot of texts/legends in it and later client ask me to change page scale.