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Pounds per square inch. Farlex Partner Medical Dictionary © Farlex 2012. Picoseconds [ ps ] Picosecond is equal to 10 -12second (unit of time), comes from a combination of the metric prefix pico (p) with the second (s). Plural name is picoseconds with symbol is ps. This corresponds to a wavelength of 0.3 mm, as can be calculated by multiplying 1 ps by the speed of light (approximately 3 x 10 8 m/s) to determine the distance traveled.

Picosecond symbol

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Decasecond · Hectosecond · Kilosecond · Megasecond · Gigasecond · Terasecond · Petasecond · Exasecond. Less than … picosecond: pico-(an SI prefix meaning 1 trillionth) + second. Used without a period. A symbol in SI, the International System of Units.

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Conversions Table. 1 Picoseconds to Microseconds = 0. 70 Picoseconds to Microseconds = 0.0001. 2 Picoseconds to Microseconds = 0.

Picosecond symbol

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Picosecond symbol

(noun) n.

Picosecond symbol


Picosecond symbol

Choosing a particular laser pulse depends entirely on the type of applications and requirements. The evaluation kit contains all components to build and run a picosecond fiber laser. To measure the laser output parameters besides the evaluation kit PSFL1030 the following additional equipment is needed for the proposed laser experiments: Item Symbol Description 1 laser safety goggles with OD3+ for 975 nm Symbol Parameter Unit Absolute Maximum[1] HSMS-2700/-2702 HSMS-270B/270C/270P I F DC Forward Current mA 350 750 I F-peak Peak Surge Current (1μs pulse) A 1.0 1.0 P T Total Power Dissipation mW 250 825 P INV Peak Inverse Voltage V 15 15 T J Junction Temperature °C 150 150 T STG Storage Temperature °C -65 to 150 -65 to 150 θ The uncertainty is represented by the symbol size. Cherukara, M.J., Harder, R. et al.

Among them: MPB Communications. Based on an all-fiber design, MPBC’s picosecond mode-locked fiber lasers are highly reliable (10,000 hrs) and maintenance-free. Many people may be skeptical in terms of how good these small picosecond pen are. They work~ Not only that they can do some damage if not used properly, so p Weights and Measurements.
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The junction The symbols are defined similarly as in [7] : RN is the junction  A picosecond is 1 trillionth of a second. So, in 1 picosecond, light travels 0.000299792458 meters. That's about 0.3 mm.

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Link to Your Exact Conversion. Conversions Table. 1 Picoseconds to Microseconds = 0. 70 Picoseconds to Microseconds = 0.0001.