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MY CALL: Looking for tandem jump spin  Bloodsport is a 1988 American martial arts film directed by Newt Arnold, and starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Donald Gibb, Leah Ayres, and Bolo Yeung. U.S. soldier Frank Dux (Jean-Claude Van Damme) has come to Hong Kong to be accepted into the Kumite, a highly secret and extremely violent martial-arts  13 Oct 2014 The Villain: Bolo Yeung plays Chong Li in what would be his first time being whooped by Van Damme in a movie. He blows snot, bounces his  Jean-Claude Van Damme tars in Bloodsport, which comes to DVD with a widescreen anamorphic transfer that preserves the original theatrical aspect. Frank Dux has spent most his life being trained by Tanaka to participate in the Kumite, the ultimate martial arts tournament, where participants are seriously  Bloodsport (film) Bloodsport is a 1988 American martial arts action film directed by Newt Arnold. It stars Jean-Claude Van Damme, Donald Gibb, Leah Ayres, and   27 Jan 2020 9 Hong Kong filming locations where the 1988 martial arts movie Bloodsport, starring Jean Claude Van Damme, was shot. 20 Aug 2019 'You want to write that Donald Trump was loving this ridiculous Jean-Claude Van Damme movie, but are you willing to put in there that you were  1 Apr 2020 Oh, the audacity on that Greg guy.

Bloodsport van damme

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Bloodsport was one of Van Damme's first starring films and showcased his Bloodsport (Import). Action från 1988 av Newt Arnold med Jean Claude Van Damme och Donald Gibb. Bloodsport (1988) · 1 hr 32 min. R. Action.

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Bloodsport van damme

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Bloodsport van damme

Filmerna han deltagit 1 Bloodsport (1988). Betyg IMBD: 6.2/10 Bloodsport. 2012-01-24 | 1988 | Action, Sport.

Bloodsport van damme

James McTeigue (V for Vendetta) kommer att regissera remaken av den klassiska Jean-Claude Van Damme-filmen Bloodsport från 1988. Jean-Claude Van Damme makes his starring debut in the descriptively titled Bloodsport. An American soldier at large in Hong Kong, Van Damme becomes  Bloodsport is a 1988 movie starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. Although the film enjoyed little box-office success, it is considered a cult classic by many martial  Jag har inte sett speciellt många filmer med Jean-Claude van Damme (JCVD), kanske en handfull, men när Movies-noire skrev om Bloodsport  Bloodsport, Jean Claude Van Damme, Utgått, Svår Oop ,Bloodsport Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Bloodsport van damme

Frank fa il pilota militare e nel tempo libero coltiva le arti marziali sotto la guida di un gran maestro giapponese. Attratto dall'annuale sfida di Kumi-te, Best 7 minutes of music ever written. Bloodsport (alternativ: Bloodsport – Eine wahre Geschichte) ist ein Kampfsportfilm (Martial-Arts-Film) des Regisseurs Newt Arnold aus dem Jahre 1988 und war der Durchbruch des damals 28 Jahre alten Jean-Claude Van Damme Bloodsport is een martialarts-/actiefilm uit 1988 van regisseur Newt Arnold.Hoofdpersonage Frank Dux (gespeeld door Jean-Claude Van Damme) is een echt bestaand persoon die als gevechtscoördinator betrokken was bij het maken van de film. Van Damme spielt dieses langsame Wachsen vom Schüler zum Meister super! Sogar auf die schlechteren Szenen und manche, teils flacheren und unfreiwillig komischen Momente freut man sich als Fan. Gehört auch zu einem FSK 18 Martial Arts Videotheken-Oberklassiker wie Bloodsport.

Van Damme is fantastic and really pulls you into the fights.
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From A well-oiled Jean-Claude Van Damme makes his starring debut in Bloodsport, which may be one of the few kickboxing films to be based on   Bloodsport. Action 1988 1 hr 32 min.

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Anybody who hated Kickboxer should watch Bloodsport instead because the fightscenes are so much   Bloodsport introduced an American audience to the UFC before there was the UFC! This classic cult 1988 film introduced the world to the Muscles from Brussels,  Jean Claude Van Damme – Signed & Framed Bloodsport Movie Poster.